Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bird Food Bandit...

...found this guy (girl?) thinking it was a bird and trying out the bird feeder. He/She came so often that eventually the feeder broke and all the seed ended up in the flower bed - his/her dastardly plan worked!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Soul Mate

As I wander through the days of unemployment I am having a wonderful time observing my cats. One of my cats; Boo, seems to stand out. From day one she seemed to "get" me. She is quiet, sweet, sensitive, etc., etc., etc., she follows me around and meows at me when she wants me to hold her or lay down on my bed with her for "alone time". She loves her belly petted and will often fall asleep laying on her back after a "rub down"!  She has the most unique fur, when she was a kitten the tips of her fur were black and then as you went down the hair-shaft it turned silver, as she grew up it turned all black.In 2004 she was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia and I was devastated. When they shaved her neck to do the Leukemia test, her fur grew back silver and she looked like she had silver stole around her neck (I had a picture of her but it was on my other cell phone - which bit the dust). The other wonderful thing about her is that she senses when I'm sad, she will come over to me and nuzzle my face and stay by my side.

I'm blessed to have her - she's got my back...